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Alpha POS Features

Touchscreen Operation & Ordering Interface.

All-in-one POS Computer with integrated card swipe.

Electronically driven Cash drawer.

Customer Pole Display.

High speed thermal receipt printer.

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An Alpha POS system can help your pub easily process multiple transactions and complex bar tabs.
Alpha POS Benefits
Faster and easier service
Employee tracking
Intuitive reporting
Custom user friendly interface
Full customer support
Eliminate employee theft potential

A pub environment is often extremely busy with many patrons mingling around waiting anxiously for their drink order. You need a POS system that can easily handle multiple transactions, complex bar tabs, and the infinite number of drink combinations that are typical to a bar or nightclub establishment.

Unfortunately, employee bar theft is more common than we think. Without an Alpha POS system in place, stealing can be incredibly easy for your bartenders and staff – especially if you’re not on-site. An Alpha POS system will eliminate the theft potential and create accountabilities for the staff on duty. With our optional wireless liquor monitoring solution, you’ll be able to track each and every pour’s date and time to the hundredth of an ounce.

At Alpha POS Services you'll find our pub POS systems have been developed with leading edge POS technology and maintained by service and technical support not found elsewhere. To learn more, click this contact form or call us directly at (888) 791-3775 for more information.