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Alpha POS Features

Touchscreen Operation & Ordering Interface.

All-in-one POS Computer with integrated card swipe.

Electronically driven Cash drawer.

Customer Pole Display.

High speed thermal receipt printer.

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Operate your diverse consignment shop with the help of an Alpha POS system.
Alpha POS Benefits
Faster and easier service
Inventory and employee tracking
Intuitive reporting
Custom user friendly interface
Full customer support
Manage complex consignment inventory

Your consignment shop caters to those customers who are looking for truly authentic items at attractive prices. As a consignment store owner you often have numerous, diverse items in your inventory. An Alpha POS system will help you manage that complex inventory with ease. In addition to keeping track of your inventory, an Alpha POS system will help you navigate the consignment process and keep track of your employees' attendance and wages. You can even create a loyalty program that rewards your most frequent customers for visiting your store on a regular basis.

At Alpha POS Services you'll find our consignment shop POS systems have been developed with leading edge POS technology and maintained by service and technical support not found elsewhere. To learn more, click this contact form or call us directly at (888) 791-3775 for more information.