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Alpha POS Features

Touchscreen Operation & Ordering Interface.

All-in-one POS Computer with integrated card swipe.

Electronically driven Cash drawer.

Customer Pole Display.

High speed thermal receipt printer.

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Allow an Alpha POS system help you manage and operate your retail establishment.
Alpha POS Benefits
Reduce customer queues
Reduce employee mistakes
Eliminate unnecessary waste
Monitor inventory levels
Generate purchase orders
Reduce shrinkage

As a retail owner you can’t be at every place simultaneously. Owning and operating a retail establishment is a 24/7 process, and you need to depend on a system that can help you efficiently manage it all. This is where an Alpha POS system can make your job easier.

The Alpha POS system for retail owners and operators enable you to perform order processing, inventory management, review employee records, conduct purchasing and vendor management, loyalty programs and advanced reporting functionality. With the reporting tools you can analyze all aspects of your retail establishment including sales, profitability, best/worst selling items, inventory, payroll and much more.

At Alpha POS Services you'll find our retail POS systems have been developed with leading edge POS technology and maintained by service and technical support not found elsewhere. To learn more, click this contact form or call us directly at (888) 791-3775 for more information.