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Available for: Hospitality POS

The Alpha POS Caller ID unit is designed for the restaurant or hospitality establishment where phone calls are very important to operations. It monitors all aspects of incoming and outgoing calls on 2 phone lines. The unit tracks who called or who was called, time & date the call was made, how long the conversation lasted, and phone line that was used. The Alpha POS Caller ID unit also features a 248 call memory, making it unnecessary to leave your computer on to capture this valuable information. • Pop-up customer records on screen before answering each call. This allows a few moments to review the client's information before responding.
• Call back customers that hang up during busy times. The units logs alls calls whether answered or not.
• Save time taking orders by popping up customer records automatically. Save precious seconds during peak hours, especially with POS integrated Caller ID.
• Bill clients bill clients by capturing account codes dialed and linking to call accounting and/or billing software.
• Audit phone usage when your away. Unit tracks all calls even from other extensions.
• Verify long distance bills and even overseas calls. Up to 29 digits are captured on outgoing Caller ID.
• Inbound Caller ID - Complete Caller ID capture (Time, Date, Name & Number), call duration, line received, number of rings before answer, distinctive ring pattern (if applicable), and dialed digits after answer.
• Outbound Caller ID - Time, Date, Number dialed, additional touch tones dialed after connection (15 additional DTMF digits), duration of call, and phone line number on which call was placed.
• On-board 248 call, non-volatile, scrolling memory - no battery to replace and always holds the last 248 calls.
• Diagnostic LED's for power, data delivery, ring signal, Caller ID signal, on & off-hook, DTMF digits dialed, and call timing.
• Simple modular connections, wall mount transformer, small and lightweight. No other Caller ID device or modem required.
• Product includes power supply, 6' RS232 serial cable, serial port loopback connector, and manual.


Physical Dimensions: 1.5"H x 3.35"W x 5.3"D
Shipping Dimensions: 3.6" x 7.0" x 5.5" x 5.9"
Shipping Weight: 2lbs. (0.9 kg)
External Power Supply: Output 9VDC Unregulated
Standard Power Supply Input: 120V, 350mA
Optional Power Supply Input: 220V, 350mA
Current Draw is less than 180mA
Phone Connections: Modular RJ14 (4 Wire)
Computer Connection (Serial): 6' RS232 Cable
Computer Connection (Ethernet): 6' CAT5e Cable
Ringer Equivalence (REN): 0.1B
UL, SA and FCC approved
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