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As a retail owner you can’t be at every place simultaneously. Owning and operating a retail establishment is a 24/7 process, and you need to depend on a system that can help you efficiently manage it all. This is where an Alpha POS retail system can make your job easier.

The Alpha POS retail system for retail owners and operators enable you to perform order processing, inventory management, employee records, purchasing and vendor management, loyalty programs and advanced reporting functionality. With the reporting tools you can analyze all aspects of your retail establishment including sales, profitability, best & worst selling items, inventory, payroll and more.

An Alpha POS Retail System typically contain the following components:
• Touch Screen All-in-One PC with Integrated Card Swipe for Order Entry
• Receipt Printer
• Label Printer
• Cash Drawer
• Back office server computer with monitor
• POS Keyboard
• MSR Card Reader
• Check/MICR Reader
• Customer Pole Display
• Caller ID Module
• Pin Pads and Signature Pads
• Barcode Scanner
• Stocktake Scanner
• Multi-Monitor Support

At Alpha POS Services you'll find our retail POS systems have been developed with leading edge POS technology and maintained by service and technical support not found elsewhere. To learn more, click this contact form or call us directly at (888) 791-3775 for more information.

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Nationwide Installations
At Alpha POS Services, we understand that purchasing a POS system for your business is a large investment. You want to be certain that your purchase is backed and installed by a team of qualified installation technicians. Alpha POS Services is staffed to support your purchase with a team of technicians and nationwide installation specialists, no matter where you’re located.

Support Plans
In order for our partnerships to work, we make it our job to understand your business. Partnering with a POS solutions company is a serious decision. With so many options in the marketplace, you want to choose a partner that will treat you fair and work within the same guiding principles as your company.